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  Hosting & Wordpress

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You've made it to Section 2, which is no small feat! So many people get stuck at the niche, name or ideal reader and because of that never make it this far.

You did it! Committing and taking that first step takes courage.

Perfection is never achieved at the beginning; you must start your journey first.

Your next step is owning your name and getting hosting established.

What You Need to Know

When it comes to hosting, make sure you are...

  1. Self-hosted -- this means you pay and, most importantly, own your site which allows you to easily monetize and saves you a huge headache from having to migrate later.
  2. With a reliable host -- From my experience, Bluehost is one of the best for starting. The cost is only $2.95 a month (that price is only available through our link) and if you purchase 12 months of hosting, you get your domain for free.

I'll walk you through the process to set this up.

Step-by-Step on Building Your Site

Click to and then follow along with the video.


  1. Click to
  2. Click "Get Started Now."
  3. Select your plan – I recommend the Basics Plan; you can always upgrade later if needed. You should see a $2.95 starting price, that's a special discounted price only through our link.
  4. Enter the blog name/website address you want.
  5. Fill in your personal information.
  6. Choose your features – I highly recommend Domain Privacy Protection (this will keep your personal information private) and skipping the rest.
  7. I recommend skipping the special offers.
  8. Generate a password. Write it on a piece of paper or a secure document on your computer and save it in a safe place.
  9. When the pop-up appears, hit "Setup Your Website".
  10. Install Wordpress.
  11. Choose your domain from the drop down menu and then select "check domain".
  12. View credentials. That's your back end login information. Go ahead and login, and then you're ready to choose a theme. See below.

Note: If you have an existing website you can still migrate it to Bluehost by clicking below, hit “get started”, select your hosting plan, and fill in your domain under "I have a domain name".

Don't Forget to Verify Your Account:

You'll be getting an email from Bluehost with the subject "Action Required: WHOIS Accuracy Verification For”. All you have to do is click the link in the email to verify your account. It takes 1 second and you're done.