Your Ideal Reader

Today let's determine your ideal reader, the exact type of person you want as your customer one day.

Determining your ideal reader will help direct your thoughts as you brainstorm your niche, name and post ideas. This person is either a real life or fictional person who you would consider your ideal follower and one day customer.

When this ideal reader finds your blog, everything on your site will be applicable to his or her interests and he or she will bounce around a lot of pages, likely subscribe to your list, and become a loyal follower because you are writing to them.

When establishing your ideal reader, think of the “perfect person” to read your blog and ask yourself, what topics would be helpful to them? What questions can you help answer? How can you impact their life?

If you are creating a fictional person as your ideal reader, take a sheet of paper and give him/her a name and describe everything about that person. How old is she? Is she married? Does she have kids? What are her hobbies? What does she spend her day doing? What is her job, etc...The more detail you give him/her the better. If your ideal reader is a real life person, still try to write down as much as you can about that person.

If your ideal reader is real, likely she will be in your Facebook feed, you get together in real life, and you text back and forth. These encounters and conversations will usually spark blog post ideas.

Having an ideal reader also helps you develop your blogging voice, making you feel more personal and genuine to your reader because you are writing to HER, not to the entire world. You truly want to better HER life and she feels the connection.

Action Step

Download the following worksheet and solidify who your ideal reader is by brainstorming more detail about this person.

Your Ideal Reader.pdf