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  The Perfect Blog Name

It's time to decide your blog name!


#1. Go with your gut – if you have something in mind, go for it!

#2. Additional tips –

  • You want your blog name to be catchy, easy to remember, and not too long.
  • Ask yourself this question once you have a name idea. How easy would it be for a new reader to remember? Consider this example: someone that doesn't know you, found you via Pinterest and loved you so much she wants to tell her friend about you. Is it easy for her to share the name and the other friend to remember it?
  • Think through the sub topics that you may be including in your blog and create a blog name that fits with all. Or if you plan to cover only one or two topics, go with a very niche specific name.


1. Use your name - your name is a great way to build authority for yourself, especially great if you want to write books, speak at conferences/events, etc.

What that looks like: Alida Quittschreiber -

2. Choose something specific - a very specific name allows you to prove authority in that field/niche.

What that looks like: The Lens Life -

3. Go with a broad name - A broad name allows you to cover a lot of topics.

What that looks like: The Realistic Mama -

More Ideas

  • Start with a descriptive word, followed by your topic.

Example: The Genius Tutor

  • Go with a phrase that describes your topic

Example: Intro to Budgeting

  • Use "How to" followed by your topic

Example: How to Eat Healthy

Stop overthinking it. What was the first thing that came to mind when you first decided to start a blog?

Action Step

Take a sheet of paper and make a list of any and all name ideas that pop in your head. Any and all! Even if you think there's no hope for a name, list it anyway.

Still Stuck?

If you're stuck, determining your ideal reader in the next lesson will help. But remember, go with your gut! Brainstorm names; choose your favorite and start.