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  Get Rid of Jet Pack & What to Use Instead

Let's get rid of the plugins you don't need, including Jet Pack, and replace it with something better!

In the video I mentioned getting rid of Jet Pack and using Google Analytics and other Plugins instead. Jet Pack can be a huge resource sucker on your hosting plan.

What to do Instead

Install Google Analytics!

While this isn't crucial right off the get-go, it's nice to have this set up from the start. Google Analytics keeps track of your readers' behavior for you, telling you how many people visited your site each day, what posts they read, where they are from, and more. It's also inspiring to watch your page views come in. Even if it's just a trickle to start, this will help you see what your "normal" is and push you to grow.

That being said, don't get caught up in stats. When you're first starting, your most important job will be creating quality content that is helpful to your reader. You may even want to set up Google Analytics and then wait to check it for a month or two while you work on content. Google Analytics will store your data and you can check it when you're ready.

Click here to get started with Google Analytics.


For those using a non Genesis theme, when you get to the step where you need to add your Google Analytics code to your site you have a few options. You can add the coding yourself (depending on your theme this may be a little bit complicated) or one of the easiest way is installing the Google Analytics plugin. Less plugins is more ideal so it's really up to you which you prefer. Important: Only do one or the other, you don't want the code installed twice as it will mess with your analytics.